April 25, 2019 ruido

Artist of the Week: Hombres G & Enanitos Verdes

Hombres G and Enanitos Verdes will be joining forces for a special set at this year’s Ruido Fest! Did you also know that Hombres G recently returned after an eight-year hiatus? The band has existed for over 30 years. That alone is an impressive feat; but to top it off, they also won an honorary Grammy in 2006 and the gold medal for the Merit of the Fine Arts in 2017. The band’s return was highly anticipated and you won’t want to miss your chance to see them live! Joining them is Enanitos Verdes, a rock band from Argentina. Founded in 1979, the band is well known for their hits such as “Luz De Día” and has had a long and successful career as well. Their newest single, “My Old Guitar”, is available now! We’re excited to have them performing at Ruido Fest and we hope that you will join us.

Tickets on sale HERE!

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