Gepe “Hablar de ti”



the NEW VIDEO from

the acclaimed Chilean

singer / songwriter is available now

Gepe’s new studio album is a reality.
The recently released single “Hablar de Ti” advances the singer’s sixth album, expected to drop on May 26th.
Romanticism, honesty and simplicity are some of the attributes of “Hablar de Ti”, the most recent single by Daniel Riveros. The song resonates between the ballads of his prior releases and the pop melodies of his most endearing hits. The song confirms the return of the renowned artist and it features Cristián Heyne, Fernando Herrera and Gepe – himself as producers and musicians, in sessions that were characterized by their spontaneity, and reflect the freshness conveyed in this track .
“Hablar de Ti” is the sing that gives birth to Gepe’s new release “Ciencia Exacta”, available in streaming platforms as of  Friday 26 of May.
Advance music available upon request.