In regard to COVID-19, we will be implementing a number of changes to our policies and procedures with the aim to provide a safe environment for our fans.  We’ll take direction from the State of Illinois, City of Chicago and Chicago Park District so that we adhere to any and all current regulations regarding the well-being of patrons, staff and artists this year in Union Park.  Specific measures that will be undertaken, subject to change, will include:


  • Entry to the festival grounds for all event attendees, artists and staff MAY include being subject to provision of proof of vaccination, provision of proof of a recent negative test, masking requirements and TBD social distancing measures. If you don’t have a mask and one is required, a complimentary one will be provided for you. To be clear, the exact requirements will be dictated by the current State and City guidelines at the time of the festival. We reserve the right to update these policies at any time prior to the start of the festival.
  • Ruido Fest’s 100% complete compliance with current State and City requirements for outdoor public gatherings as deemed necessary by the situation on the ground in late August.
  • Additional resources dedicated to cleaning and sanitizing common touch points for all participants and employees of the event onsite August 20-22, including but not limited to bars, craft vendor booths, food vendor booths and common areas likely to come into contact regularly among event attendees and staff like restrooms.


If you purchased your ticket prior to June 1, 2021 and you personally have ANY reservations about the above procedures and approach, you will have the option to transfer your ticket(s) to the 2022 event, no questions asked. All 2022 transfer requests must be submitted in writing via email and confirmed prior to 1PM August 1st.

Once you scan your ticket(s) in at the gates and enter the grounds this year, you’ve accepted the reality of attending this music festival in August of 2021 and agree to assume any responsibility for any exposure to COVID and any other health risks of attendance, like you normally would just like any year in the past or in the future.